telesales and outbound lead gen

Inside Sales: The Best B2B Lead Generation Method?

In a world of seemingly endless choice around the ways that your business can develop B2B lead generation channels, it seems believes the single best method to be — Inside Sales. We are obviously in agreement, because that is what we specialise in. But is there basis in their research? So lets have a […]

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Handling Sales Objections – You are too expensive

How To Deal With The Price, Sales Objections   I was just reading the book ’10 steps to sales success’ which you can check out here . In it I was reminded of an old Zig Ziglar sales objections handling line that has stood the test of time well and still stands strong today as […]

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Are you training your clients its ok haggling on price?

Why are prospects haggling on price? Very often when I run training courses there is always a big debate about the ‘P’ word. That’s right price. Teach your staff how to deal with prospects haggling on price It is sometimes challenging to get staff members to see that not only do they have a huge […]

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