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'Managing and improving the size, quality and velocity of the sales pipeline is critical for any successful sales organisation and this document from Peter O’Donoghue provides a clear roadmap that will help any sales leader achieve their goals' Nick Porter, Chief Commercial Officer, Yodel

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Problems We Solve: Not Enough B2B Leads

B2B Lead Generation Challenges

Nearly every single B2B sales organisation is struggling for leads. Whilst there is an argument that not every business needs more leads as they could be focusing on processes around converting what they have, that is too simplistic a point of view. For sustainable growth, companies are worried about leads. And not just about how many they can get.
A recent study (here) showed that B2B marketers were faced with the biggest headaches of

  1. Generating more leads
  2. Improving lead quality
  3. Increasing product/service awareness
  4. Reaching decision makers
  5. Working within budget


We truly believe that our solutions help with all 5 of these top 5 B2B sales and marketing challenges.

How Specifically Do We Do This?

Focus 1: Generating more leads

By combining the very best cold emailing and specialising lead generation into a functional department this becomes a process that has proven inputs, actions, conversion rates, KPI’s and success outcomes. Layer on top of that a professional telephone based first contact mechanism then the number of leads available to a business becomes a matter of choice – not guess work.

Focus 2: Improving lead quality

We address this on a number of different levels. Firstly, we operate a multi touch principle into an Account rather than chasing individual contacts. If we don’t make progress with one person in an Account then we carry on with the process until we reach, and engage with, the relevant contact. Unlike most sales peoples, unplanned, single touch prospecting activity, we rarely get ‘blocked’ by purchasing admins, gatekeepers or people who are resistant to engaging as we keep on going and going until we engage with the right people. Secondly, any leads generated by Inside Sales will always conform to some very strict categorisation around a fit with your Ideal Client Profile (ICP) in fact there is an internal contract in place. If the model you adopt is Inside Sales passes to External Sales then there is a clear handover process that defines exactly what a highly qualified lead is. Id External Sales don’t believe the lead to be so – they reject it, and hand it back. The result is your sales team only ever work on highly qualified leads.this becomes a process that has proven inputs, actions, conversion rates, KPI’s and success outcomes. Layer on top of that a professional telephone based first contact mechanism then the number of leads available to a business becomes a matter of choice – not guess work.

Focus 3: Increasing product/service awareness

Inbound marketing is a fantastic way to grow a business but it is sometimes limited to growing awareness when someone is searching for a solution. At that time they may or may not find you. The chances are they will also find 17 of your direct competitors as well as 50 alternative solutions that will take their time and budget. Only a focused outbound initiative can truly begin the engagement process of increasing awareness. When we train Inside Sales people, one of their secondary objectives (and KPI’s) is to gain acceptance for contacts to receive though leadership material. If you don’t have any we can manage 3rd party experts on your behalf.

Focus 4: Reaching decision makers:

Our process is 100% tailored to reaching senior decision makers. Our language speaks to them and we target them specifically. A significant piece of research shows that senior decision makers get heavily involved upfront on a project to 1) Understand current issues 2) Establish Objectives and 3) Set Strategy before they pass projects onto the traditional Decision Making Unit. We leverage this to work with senior decision makers to help them understand these 3 key areas. Also, because we very often target 3- 5 people simultaneously in an organisation we very quickly build up a picture of who is who, where the authority lies and very often receive multiple internal referrals. And because we have so much penetration, if we receive a block then we have so many options that it doesn't hinder our Account penetration.

Focus 5: Working within budget

We have had first-hand experience of external ‘appointment setters’ charging around £400 - £600 for a first meeting. That’s a significant cost for a first meeting! Some metrics for our solutions are around £50 - £100 for a first engagement from your own Inside Sales person.

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