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You Are Busy – So Here’s The Big Idea

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You are busy running your business and even though you have requested to receive the whitepaper research shows that you may never actually get around to reading it. That would be a shame, as it clearly lays out a system that can triple your front end Pipeline in 90 days or less. To cover all eventualities, I wanted to make sure I give you the one big idea about how to achieve that. The Big Idea: To triple your front end lead generation results and Pipeline in 90 days or less you must move away from unpredictable cold calling and telephone based lead generation to a sytemised outreach program, into highly targeted Accounts, using email as the first point of contact. Sounds simple? Well the same approach has allowed to add £100 m in revenue in 2 years and helped Acquia become the fastest growing private software company in North America with an increase in Pipeline of 75% And to help you do the same here are the key stages in developing that approach:[/text_block]

  • Develop a front end lead generation specialisation, whose sole focus is targeted outbound prospecting into highly qualified prospects before handing over to quota carrying sales people
  • Get clear on exactly what your Ideal Client Profile (ICP) is
  • Build highly targeted lists using cutting edge tools like salesloft
  • Send outbound ‘outreach emails’ as the first prospecting step. Our templates get us a 10% response into ‘Mass Data’ and 50% response into Named Accounts
  • Work the responses as a bridge to your first telephone conversation – No matter what that response is
  • Systemise the process and scale
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