The ‘Predictable Pipeline Fast Start  Intensive’ is our flagship system. It is a 2 day In-house workshop where we build an entire Outbound Prospecting System for your business.

The Core Components

How To Identify Prospects

We look at the profile of your Ideal Client and use the latest data sources and research tools to build highly targeted lists of high value prospects. Many of these sources are only known to a small number of the most innovative prospecting companies and definitely not your Competitors.

How To Research Your Prospects

We look at the latest technology and sources of research such as LinkedIn, Insideview, and many, many others to show you how to quickly and easily research your prospects to develop compelling and personalised outreach programs.

Outreach Programs

We design the perfect Outreach Program specifically for your business. We will introduce you to our Sales Pulse System that allows you to design and implement a multi-touch Outreach Program that can be systemised and scaled. Your Sales Pulse will incorporate at least 7 touches including Cold Emailing, social and professional phone contact.

Work The Responses

We will work together to develop a standard process and ‘Play Book’ for every response you get back from your target prospects. No matter what prospects reply you will have a scripted process to deal with every eventuality with the goal of creating first conversations now or building the relationship to position you as the natural choice in the future. To shortcut the process we provide a whole library of proven templates.

Initial ‘Scoping Call’

We will work together to develop a process of handling all initial telephone calls. We like to call these ‘Scoping Calls’ because the idea is to see if there is a fit with your expertise and with the prospects business goals. By the end of the session you will have a documented process to deal with every initial call.  To shortcut the process we provide a whole library of proven templates.

Your First Engagement

Depending on your Industry you will have different objectives here. You might be looking for an initial ‘Strategy Session’ with a consultant, a ‘Discovery Call’, a product demonstration or even a face to face meeting. We will go through our proven process to develop the value of that engagement to ensure that your target prospects feel like it just makes sense to say Yes.

Prospect Nurturing

It will be no surprise that not everyone you engage with will be a good fit right now. We will develop a nurture plan starting at how to find out the right information on the phone and how to record that in your CRM to allow you to build your pipeline exponentially the longer you follow the system.

Technology Evaluation and Implementation

We will introduce you to the latest sales enabling technology and determine which ones are a great fit for you and then show how you implement them. With the growing ubiquity of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, these technologies are changing daily. We keep up with them all so you don’t have to spend your time doing so.

A 90 Day Implementation Plan

The single biggest value creator for you is a 30, 60 and 90 Day Implementation plan that you will build and populate. You will commit to the technologies, the process, the development of the system and tactics and you will make definite plans to make it a reality. If you follow the system and implementation plan you can’t fail to see a significant uplift in your Sales Pipeline.

Is This Right For You?

There is no right or wrong profile for companies this will work for. There are some suggested criteria but the reality is you must be seeking something new and you must be prepared to try different approaches. We have seen this system work in multiple industries. It is being used by Software and Technology companies mostly because they are very often innovators in sales processes. They can adopt the latest systems quite easily because they have no investment of time, processes and emotion on old style ways of doing things.

The question is can you accept change in your business?

In fact, if you are in an older, ‘traditional’ industry then you could probably make a significant disruption to the way your industry prospects for new business.

A client told us recently ‘I’m salivating at the thought of making this work in our Industry, if we can then we will dominate all new business’.

You should be able to say yes to most of these criteria:

  • You deliver a value based product or service
  • Lifetime value of a client in excess of £3,000 Per Annum
  • You are open to new ideas and ways of doing things
  • You don’t want your highest value sales people cold calling
  • You want leads fast
  • You want to develop an outbound created, sales pipeline to compliment your inbound lead generation
  • You want to engage at Senior Executive level in target organisations
  • You want to dramatically increase your average deal size
  • You have a dedicated internal resource to manage and mentor the sales team

Interested in knowing more - just hit the 'let's talk' button below and answer some quick questions and we'll jump on a call and work out if this is a fit for you.