Outsourced Inside Sales

Why Consider Outsourcing Your Inside Sales?

If setting up and managing an Inside Sale Team (or individual employee) is not your core expertise then you should seriously consider outsourcing it to some who's core expertise it is. 

Speed - Scale Your Market Penetration Quickly

Starting an Outsourced Inside Sales campaign can take as little as 30 days. Depending on the agility of your company, you may not even have the job advert signed off by then  if you do it in-house.  We are experienced at this and can shorten your time to revenue and save you months of time and effort. Oh, yes, we can also save your business months of 'opportunity loss' of pipeline that you aren't creating right now.

Focus - You Get To Spend Time Creating Revenue

Lead generation and prospecting has changed more in the last 5 years than in the previous 80. You can easily spend 80% of yours and your teams working week just trying to figure out what is working now. We know because we do this BUT can you afford to? 

Let us focus on accelerating your results while you focus on producing revenue.

No Onboarding - Why Wait 6 Months?

So you've gone through the recruitment process and now you need to onboard your new hire. Typically, a company with a great process already in place can take 6 months to get an Inside Sales person up to speed. That's 6 months of 'opportunity loss' where you can be engaging with your ideal prospects. And that's if you have a great process in place. If you don't then why try to build one?

Consistency - Why Suffer From Peaks And Troughs?

We understand that the worst thing you can have happen in your business is a lack of predictability in monthly numbers. We have created our model to scientifically deliver you the same amount of meetings every single month. You can plan your first meeting strategy and resources knowing we will deliver the numbers we say we will. 

Launching A New Product Or Service

If you are launching a new product or service or pivoting an existing one then the speed that you penetrate the market is critical. We have systems and processes in place to help you do this with scientific accuracy. Even if you have an existing working team it makes sense to let them focus on your existing revenue producing focus while we pump prime your new launch.

Reduce Your Costs!

Surely outsourcing is more expensive? Well, not always. Once you factor in 1) recruiting 2) onboarding 3) professional training 4) the cost of a manager to train and coach them 5) the opportunity cost of all senior people who's time is needed to get them up to speed 6) the opportunity cost of lost deals until in house sales get productive 7) the opportunity cost of the lost conversations an in house person can't create every single month

Did We Say We Help You Sell More?

Interested in pricing and knowing more - just hit the 'let's talk' button below and answer some quick questions and we'll jump on a call and work out if this is a fit for you. 


Is there a long term contract with this?

No and Yes!. There is no long term contract. We run a 6 month engagement on a standard sales development representative engagement. This isn't a traditional short term cold calling engagement. This is the provision of a highly skilled Inside Sales Person. If it is something like a product launch then it is likely this will be more like a minimum of 3 months.

So what are you selling exactly?

OK. In short we are providing a dedicated person or persons to act as your very own Inside Sales person.

What results will I see?

Typically you will see booked first meetings or otherwise known as Strategy Calls, Discovery Calls and Product Demonstrations. These are usually between 15 to 30 a month per outsourced Inside Sales person. It really depends on your how well you know your ideal prospect profile an how much you want us to qualify out for you.

Can my person do other tasks?

Yes. As the person acts as your own employee you can have them calling inbound leads, lost opportunities, old data, webinar registrants, seminar attendees and any other activity a great Inside Sales representative would be doing for you. 

What on-boarding process do you have?

We have a highly systemised on-boarding process that walks you step by step through everything you and we need to get the process set up quickly and effectively. There are checklists, set up videos and resources to brief and train the team.

Who does the Inside Sales Person represent themselves from?

Your Inside Sales person will represent your business. They will set up their linkedin profile to show they are working for your company which will amplify the results they get when social prospecting. They can also spend time at your offices getting to know you and your clients. Depending on your requirements they can also manage your first meeting scheduling, meeting follow ups and prospect nurturing.

Do you close business for us?

No. We generate highly qualified first meetings that we pass over to your own sales team.

Can We Scale Up And Down?

Absolutely. We have this system down to a scientific accuracy so can scale up and down. In our review calls we look at your future demand schedule and see if there are periods we can alter the number of outsourced Inside Sales people for greater results. Clients have scaled up for may reasons such as 1) Launching a new product/service 2) 'Pump Priming' new sales closers new hires pipeline 3) Launching into a new territory 

Do you offer any training on how to run first meetings?

Absolutely. We are invested in your success. Every engagement includes our training and consulting package that designs your productised first meeting. This proven methodology  creates a reason to meet NOW that is so powerful that your target prospects will want to meet with you irrespective of their current situation.

Hit the 'let's talk' button below and answer some quick questions and we'll jump on a call and work out if this is a fit for you.