Are Telesales And Cold Calling Not Working For You?

1) Are You Being Held To Ransom By External Telesales Companies?

When a company like yours is looking for growth, one of the first places to turn are traditional outsourced telesales companies, appointment setters, and cold calling companies.

The results these companies can achieve for you are consistently on the decline. However, despite the challenges of using 'old skool' processes, tactics and approaches there are a few common problems that people don't find out about until it's too late!

Don't be one of them. We aren't great fans of outsourced telemarketing companies and cold calling companies as the results are rarely worth he risk or hassle. And besides, we have a much more efficient and systemized process that you can find out more about here.

What Are The Challenges And How Do We Get Rid Of Them?

Problem 1: Too Reliant On An Individual

Traditional Telesales companies generally have 1 or at most 2  people working on your account. They spend time getting to know your business and your process and then hit the phones making cold calls for you.

The biggest challenge this presents you as the client  is the churn rate in these organisations is extremely high.

Just as it seems there may be light at the end of the tunnel the person working on your account leaves and you have to start all over again. Not only that, you have to invest more time helping to get the new person up to speed again. If you are outsourcing your cold calling or telesales then make sure the company has at least 3 people capable and trained on your account because I absolutely guarantee you at least 1 person will leave that company within a 3 month period. 

And if the staff stick around then watch out for inconsistencies. What do we mean by this?

Even the best staff in your telesales company are subject to human unpredictability. They might be delivering good leads until they split with their girlfriend/boyfriend or if some thing happens in life (as life has a way of doing) and they just loose their focus and desire to drive leads for you. Make sure you see how the telesales company will deal with that for you. could use a process that leverages technology rather than humans and drives predictable levels of leads every single month with scientific accuracy - just like our done for you lead generation services

Problem 2: Bad First Impression

Many outsourced Telesales Companies use a cold calling approach that will present your business in a bad light if they are representing your business.

Their approach is outdated, lacking clarity, unprofessional and can easily lead to your business being perceived as all of these as well.

Recently, while on a clients site I took a call from an outsourced telesales company. He 'pitched me' that he worked for another company in our Industry, wanted very much to work with us because he admired us and it just so happened that his sales man was in our area next Thursday.

Ok - so what was  wrong here?

1) He wouldn't tell me the other company or any of the results they had got for them

2) When asked why he wanted to work for us specifically he gave a general platitude as he plainly knew nothing about our business

3) How important did he make us feel knowing that the only reason he wanted to see us was that his guy 'was in the area'. It got worse - When I told him that we very rarely see people until we are far down the sales cycle and prefer to correspond via email and telephone he got stroppy and forcefully tried to 'close' for a face to face meeting which I frequently told him would not happen. He had no flexibilty or different approaches to selling than ones that existed in the 1970's. Oh yes, he wanted me to hire his company to do outsourced appointment setting for £600 a time. Not a great first impression and that could be what's happening for your business.

Don't risk this approach in your business by getting our help with your ability to position yourself as logical choice to meet with our sales consulting or read this great blog post on how to create so much value in a first meeting your prospect will be asking you when you can come and meet them.

Problem 3: Reliance On Immediate Prospects

Most outsourced Telesales Companies rely on hitting people that are open to discussion right now.

It's logical because they have either negotiated themselves into a 3 month trial and are desperate to show results or are being paid by the meeting and they don't have any sophistication to their process.

They smile and dial and aimlessly look to book meetings with no secondary objectives or follow up procedures.

All of our staff are trained and are managed with secondary KPI's such a finding out and recording annual spend, contract or lease renewal dates, as well as they number of people they add to regular thought leadership content. All of this builds a strong forward pipeline that allows us to nurture prospects and re-engage at the right time, with the right message.

An example: A clients previous telesales company blamed the failure of their campaign on the fact that after 3 months they had 'burned through' the hot prospects in the data. We have used the same data to provide over target results for a continued 12 months.

2) Your Own Internal Telesales Isn't Working